Sweet Seventeen

So today, the 28th of April, I’ve turned 17 years old. There is nothing particularly exciting about this age other than the fact that here is officially 1 year until I’m an adult and can do as I please.

It’s been a nice few days, I took 5 days off of work and my school/uni holidays are just finishing up. I had Groovin The Moo on Anzac Day, went out for dinner with friends on Saturday, had a lunch date with an amazing boy on Sunday and then a birthday dinner with family on Sunday night. Mum attempted to cook a roast and we all ended up eating hard potatoes. My best mate bought me a Body Shop set and other than that, I’ve acquired a denim jacket and $150 so far – all going towards rego.

Today I’ve done nothing special. Went to a uni lecture and have spent the remainder of my time thanking people for their birthday wall posts on Facebook. I’m up to 56 posts so far, plus a few birthday texts and inboxes. Throughout these posts and messages, I’ve been called a ‘little shit’ 3 times so far, an ass pincher and a youngen. I’ve been invited out for a dinner date – his shout, and drinks with friends.

Tomorrow, after a lesson at school and a tute at uni, I’m getting my P’s and that is probably what I’m most excited about right now. My little Nissan Pulsar is waiting for me in the driveway!

Getting my license tomorrow

Getting my license tomorrow

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